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If you’ve been charged with a DUI offense, Guy H Gilbert is your guy. Contact Guy H Gilbert Law Office today if you are searching for a lawyer for a DUI in Orlando, FL. We serve Orlando and the surrounding counties including St. Johns & Brevard & select counties upon request. We understand just how significantly your life will change following a DUI. You could be looking at significant fines, extensive probation, or possibly jail or prison time, depending on varying factors. This can cause great disruption and rock your world to the core. It can have a negative impact on your personal relationships, reputation, career, finances, and, most of all, your future. In certain circumstances, it is critical that you hire an experienced lawyer who knows DUI law. Here at The Law Office of Guy H. Gilbert, Guy has over 28 years of experience and offers innovative and sensible outcomes that are created to give you the best outcome possible.

What We Offer

Criminal law is not for you to understand unless you are a criminal defense attorney. Our job is to help you understand your charges and weigh your options. This is even more important if this is your first offense. You are probably not sure how the criminal justice system operates in addition to the laws you have been accused of breaking.

Guy Gilbert understands how to interpret even the most difficult issues in a way you can simply grasp. Guy can help you understand the laws and offenses related to you and how they may affect your case. We have the knowledge and the experience, which means we are familiar with the way judges and prosecutors operate. As a result, we know how to construct a strong defense that can serve your unique needs.

If you’ve been looking for a hardworking defense attorney that pays careful attention to both you and your case, your search ends here with The Law Office of Guy H. Gilbert. Our firm offers case evaluations at NO cost to you! Our team is also available around-the-clock if you need us.

DUI Attorney in Orlando, FL

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Here at the Law Office of Guy H. Gilbert, we can provide a plethora of benefits, such as:

  • Over 27 years of criminal law and DUI experience
  • Around-the-clock attorney access
  • Personalized attention
  • Offers representation at both federal and state levels
  • Devoted to criminal and DUI offenses

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About Guy H. Gilbert

Attorney Guy H. Gilbert has over 27 years of experience in criminal defense-related matters. Guy knows the ins and outs of both state and federal criminal law. He can interpret even the most challenging legal issues and help you easily understand them. Guy strives to provide the best legal representation in every case across the greater Orlando area.

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